Uber Driving in Hawaii – Promos and Bonuses

Uber Driving in Hawaii – Promos and Bonuses

Take Advantage of Promotions and Bonuses!

Promotions and bonuses are a big part of good earnings as a driver, so look for them and use them when you can! They are usually for limited times and some offers they have can be very, very lucrative.

Why does Uber give promos and bonuses?

Uber gives these promotions and bonuses when they feel they need more drivers on the road, because Uber’s entire business relies on a steady pool of drivers to serve the steady stream of riders. When there are not enough drivers, it means prices can surge for riders constantly, and riders might choose to walk/taxi/bus instead, which hurts Uber’s business. So, Uber wants to keep enough drivers on or get inactive drivers onto roads and keep the prices reasonable. This is especially important in Honolulu, where there are tons of tourists that look for rides in town daily and throughout the year.

Examples of Bonuses and Promos

When I joined through my friend, I received several hundred dollars after completing 75 rides in the first month. That was in 2017. The sign up bonuses will come and go, depending on the need for drivers. Go sign up using my link to see what sign up bonuses or guarantees Uber is offering.

Give X rides, get Y extra dollars

When I started out, I was getting trip promotions all the time. Basically, they want you to give more rides so they offer extra cash if you get X amount of rides in a certain time. This is basically making Uber driving a game and I was excited.

Some promos were better than the others. I think here, I was given $100 bonus for giving 25 rides in a week.

Getting BOOST — guaranteed SURGE!!

BOOST is a forced SURGE (which is a multiplier when there is heavy demand for rides). For example, if you drive during these days and times, the earning you get is x2.2! If surger is higher, for example x2.6, the higher number will be used to calculate your pay.

This is from Uber:

Boost promotions let you earn more per trip by guaranteeing higher rates in specific times and places.

Boost multiplies the amount you earn for each trip. For example: if your Boost multiple is 2x, on a trip that would normally earn you $10 you’ll earn $20 instead.

Since both Boost and Surge multiply the amount you earn for each trip, we will always pay you the higher of the two. For example: if your Boost multiple is 2x and it’s currently surging at 2.5x, on a trip that would normally earn you $10 you’ll earn $25 instead.

As with all promotions, the time and place of a trip is determined by when and where the rider places a request (not when the trip starts or ends, or where you are when you accept the trip).

This is actually from January 2019:

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