Uber Driving in Hawaii – My Earnings

Uber Driving in Hawaii – My Earnings

Note: I no longer drive Uber casually and their surge system has changed. The current earnings you have may be very different.

Let’s Talk About Driver Earnings

Hi everyone! This page will explain how earnings are made. If you want to see examples of the earnings I’ve made, take a look at SURGE EARNINGS (earnings while in Surge zones) and BONUSES AND PROMOS (which make normal rides better paying). The pay while driving normally is not that great, but with SURGE and BONUSES, the pay gets to a level I am happy with.

Step 1: Let’s talk about the ride I gave

Here is the ride I gave while in Waikiki. A Japanese couple was by the Waikiki Aquarium enjoying a romantic walk and wanted to head back to the Ilikai Hotel. The hotel is on the other end of Waikiki, near the Hilton. This might seem like it’s close, but it’s actually 1.8 miles and about a 40-minute walk! So, they called Uber and I was nearby.

Tip: Waikiki rides during the day are usually around in town, but during evenings, you can find longer rides when people go home. Longer = more profitable, in my opinion.

Step 2: Let’s talk about how much the rider pays

Uber for riders and Uber for drivers is different — with riders, they get a message telling them that the price is a bit higher because of all the rides being requested and it will give them an estimate. So, don’t feel bad for riders during SURGE, because the app will them how much it might cost and the rider can choose to accept or wait till SURGE dies.

You can see that the rider is charged about $15.00 for the ride and Uber will take about $5. DAMN YOU UBER! It seems to be pretty steep, but they provide the app, the customers, and the insurance coverage during the ride. Also, just to let you know, the Booking Fee is always FLAT, while the Service Fee is somehow calculated and is around 15-25% of the ride’s cost.

Tip: Because of the flat Booking Fee, longer trips will generally have better pay for you!

Step 3: Let’s talk about my pay

– $1.50 is the minimum pay just for accepting the ride

– I get $1.12 per mile

– I get 16.5 cents per minute

– SURGE multiplies all of the above

– I could also have additional bonuses and promotions

– I could also get tips!

Tip: I avoid traffic while driving, but if an apocalyptic traffic jam happened and you were stuck in traffic for an hour not moving, you’d still make $9.90 at the current rate :). 

Step 4: How it all works

After analyzing a trip payment, we can now see how much we might make from a short trip, how much the rider pays, and how much Uber’s cut is. Although it’s only $10.34… it only took me 13 minutes. I also stayed in Waikiki and before I was finished with the ride, I had accepted another SURGE ride across the street from where I dropped off the Japanese couple. Waikiki really is a good place to be when there is a SURGE because you might see nonstop ride requests for hours (time really flies when you’re hustling, trust me!).

The pay is nothing special… until you add in SURGE and BONUSES! With these two things, Uber pay starts looking pretty good!

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