Uber Driving in Hawaii – Giving Rides Along the Way

Uber Driving in Hawaii – Giving Rides Along the Way

Where you planning to drive somewhere far away? Pick up a rider on-the-way and make some money with “Set A Destination”!

Have you ever left a party, then someone who lives in your area asked for a ride, and then they gave you some gas money (hopefully) afterwards? The “Set a Destination” is kind of like that!

“Set a Destination” is a fairly recent feature for Uber drivers. This allows you to tell the app where you plan to go for the day, what time you plan to get there, and then it gives you ride requests that are along the way! You were going to go there anyway — make some money while you do it!

Who is the Trip Planner or Set-A-Destination this for?

This is definitely for Uber drivers who are off-the-clock, but want to see if there’s anyone needing a ride. If they get a ride request, great! If nothing comes, oh well! I see this as especially useful for people who are going long distances OR people who want to find long-term carpool buddies.

For example, I live in town, in the Kaimuki area, but I occasionally go to Aiea to visit my doctor. That’s about 12 miles each way. If I have flexibility, I’ll “Set A Destination” many hours before I plan to leave and see if any riders have schedule rides (riders have a similar feature). This can work both ways — going there, and coming back!

BONUS TIP: If you do this during a commute and you find an Uber commuter who has a similar schedule with yours, you can try and work out a carpool or recurring commute plan with them!

Instructions for the Trip Planner

1. Open the Uber Driver app and press the arrow on the bottom menu to open up the following screen:

2. Press the magnifying glass, and when the search box appears, enter in the address or name of your destination.

3. Add a time if you want and then wait to see if any rides come. Having a little flexibility with your time and having your car prepared to pick someone up will be important!

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