Uber Driving in Hawaii – Airport Pickup

Uber Driving in Hawaii – Airport Pickup

Here’s how to do Airport Pickups at HNL Honolulu Aiport (Daniel K Inouye International Airport)

Doing airport pickups is very similar to normal Uber driving, however, there are some additional regulations with it. Believe it or not, Uber and Lyft airport pickups were once not allowed.

1. You will need to go into an airport pickup queue.

If you choose to do airport pickups (might consider it if you do a lot of airport dropoffs), you need to tell your app that you want to by pressing on the airplane icon located on your map, on top of the airport area. You can also see how many other drivers are in the queue. First come, first served.

Next, the app will direct you to a fenced-off waiting lot located in the airport grounds, away from the main areas. You will wait there until your app tells you there’s a pickup.

2. There are two pickup spots: one for inter-island and one for domestic/international pickups.

Both pickups are done at the median areas, which is where commercial vehicles go. Here is a picture from Uber’s website:

Terminal 1 is first floor, Terminal 2 is second floor

If you’re going to inter-island pickups, remember to stay left at the split to be on the left side of the median.

If you’re going to domestic/international pickups, your pickup will be at the end of the dropoffs/pickups, on the left of the median also.

3. Be ready to store luggage in your car.

If riders have a ton of luggage, they will be getting an Uber XL, but still have space in the trunk or backseat for their things.

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