About The Hawaii Plan

The Hawaii Plan was made to help tourists who have never come to Hawaii before. The purpose of the site is to share my knowledge with tourists.

I wanted to write down my travel advice

The inspiration for The Hawaii Plan came in 2012. I had 3 different friends vacation in Hawaii in a span of 5 months. The 3 friends were of different demographics: 1 Swiss family on vacation, 1 South Korean couple on their honeymoon, and 1 couple vacationing with their parents. They all had one thing in common: they did not know what to do here (aside from going to the beach, of course :-)). They asked me a lot of questions on the phone and online and I gladly gave them all the answers I could.

Planning is not Fun

If you’ve ever planned a vacation before, you know it can be very stressful. This is because you’re making so many decisions without full knowledge of the city you’re traveling to and need to figure out logistics and regions and try to fit activities into one day.

There is always a lot of uncertainty when traveling. Although we can search online for travel tips or buy a Lonely Planet travel book, there’s nothing that can reassure us better than travel advice from a friend we know and trust. I try to list different activities that can be done in one day at different areas.

Think of us as a friend

We only recommend places that are worthwhile. Furthermore, we make things easy for you by organizing activities by region. Each day’s plan is for a specific region and the activities listed are chosen based on whether they’re worth the time and money.

Make sure to read our blog for travel tips, reviews, and answers to common questions about Hawaii, like “does it snow in Hawaii?” If you have questions, feel free to post them in the comments located underneath all the writing.


The Hawaii Plan