5 Best Places for Instagram Selfies on Oahu, Hawaii

5 Best Places for Instagram Selfies on Oahu, Hawaii

At the request of my friends and due to the popularity of Instagram and showing off your travel photos to make your friends jealous, I present to you a list of FIVE Instagram-Worthy places in Oahu, Hawaii. These locations are considered unique, have a great backdrop, and are sure to get you likes on your Instagram, Snapchat, or your annual Christmas card to your grandparents.


1. Lanikai Pillboxes in Kailua

Location: Windward Side

I mention this short but amazing-view hike throughout my website and for good reason — it’s an amazing open-view hike with views of the Lanikai area, Kailua beach, the mountains, and the blue ocean, which can be touched up a bit to look surreal!

lanikai pillbox selfie
Group Selfie on top of the pillbox on a beautiful day. Photo credit: Bombtwinz CC BY NC ND 2.0.
Candid photo I took of my friend, with added highlights! So blue!

2. Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens in Kaneohe

Location: Windward Side, map

This is a surprisingly popular area to take photos,  because it’s not even in the botanical garden! After passing the security guard, you will go up this slim road into the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, and you will be treated to this amazing view of a long path and the Ko’olau m

The road into the garden. Photo credit: Daniel Ramirez CC BY 2.0

The garden itself is very educational, with plaques and lots of plants to look at. I would recommend bringing some crackers too, because there are lots of hungry ducks at the pond inside! I love em!

Photo credit: my talented friend who visited, Chawn

3. Makai Research Pier in Waimanalo

Location: Windward Side, map

This one is a little out of the way from everything, because Waimanalo is more “country,” but this continues to show up as a popular spot for photos and selfies. The area is actually under the Research pier , with pillars that align beautifully to add some structure along with the natural, movement of the ocean. Parking is on the left side of the gates. Also, it is a small beach, so you can relax here as well too!

Not bad for a bridge and some beams, huh? Photo credit: Bruddah Ron
Here is a better picture of the research pier.

4. Kaka’ako Area in Honolulu

A very interesting mural from 2016 outside the Office Max. Photo credit: Daniel Ramirez CC BY 2.0

Here’s some more great art pieces I took just this year in 2019:

Kaka’ako is the trendiest area in Honolulu at the moment. There has been an infusion of young creative minds, exciting food, community events, and art over the past decade or so that make this place extremely trendy and like a mini-San Francisco. Also, it’s great for taking pictures in front of murals. This area used to be filled with a lot of homeless, industrial shops, and warehouses, but it’s quickly becoming a very trendy place to visit for food, entertainment, and art!

Location: Honolulu 

5. King Kamehameha Statue in Honolulu

The man who united the Hawaiian Islands is forever enshrined in this amazing statue in downtown Honolulu. He was a warrior and had many amazing conquests, including his victory at the Pali Lookout (also a great selfie spot) in the past, where he trapped and forced his enemies over the cliff.

Location: Honolulu, in the business district/Chinatown area, in front of Ali’iolani Hale, across from Iolani Palace and the Hawaii State Public Library (map). 

king kamehameha statue selfie
Tourists are always here :). Photo credit: Edmund Garman, CC BY 2.0

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  1. Hey thank you for making this. The pier was completely out of the way, but my wife loved it. I definitely recommend bringing some external lighting because the lighting isn’t great under there

  2. Brudda! Hanauma Bay….. how you fo’get? And Duke’s on the Waikiki BEACH walkway. Other than that list not too shab ;).

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